Have you experienced something like this?

August 2, 2010 1:56am CST
Hi mylotters! I have mood to start some discussion at this moment. By the way, I have this funny feelings on certain stuff happened to me since I am interacting with everyone I know in real life. It's when I mention something seriously, people tend to laugh and thought I am joking. But in contrast, when I am telling a joke, they tend to think that I am serious about it. It's kind of weird and funny at the same time to know people around me react towards what I said and done in real life. And how does fellow mylotters? Do you experience like how I experienced everyday when having conversations with those around you? Or do you have something to share which might be different from how it should or meant but not delivered in the way you wanted it to be. I am happy to know if there are similarity in your experience with me here. And if there anything else about your weird experience within your conversations with people around you, do share. I like to know as well. Happy Mylotting!
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