what has been the most life-changing experience you've ever have

August 2, 2010 9:35am CST
admit it..each one of us will one day experience something that will definitely affect our views in life... makes us see things in better perspectives... for me, the most life changing experience i had was when i met God...not literally met him...but when i accepted him in my heart as my own personal savior...He changed me...=)
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@TexLadyPj (1329)
• United States
2 Aug 10
Herro deve_annrn What an interesting question. Yes, accepting Jesus changed my life, however, a miracle performed by God changed my life more 5+yrs ago, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. My original diagnosis was stage 4 with tendrils. My pastor prayed for me. 30min later I felt the tumor move. it was a 13lb tumor. The next cat scan I had, the tendrils were gone. My surgeon was able to remove the tumor in one piece. Every blood test I have had since then, I have been cancer free. I believe that God performed a miracle in my life. The change: I recognized the will of God in my life. God bless you Prosperous mylotting
• Philippines
3 Aug 10
hi TexLadyPj!!! That is one good testimony of how the will of God can work in mysterious ways... and i'm happy to have met someone like you here...yes..i've heard a lot of testimonies similar to yours and i always felt euphoric every time that God will never leave His faithful servants... It has indeed been a miraculous experience...I always tell my patients the same thing... that if you truly believe in God...and accept him in your Life... there is no doubt He will give what is best for you...God Bless You...=)