Me and my sister are considered TWINS but we are not!

August 2, 2010 2:00pm CST
Since birth until now we're inseparable. She's older by one year but we study together. From elementary until college we're classmates, same course that is why we are often called TWINS.
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• United States
2 Aug 10
That sounds wonderful and you are very Blessed as when our parents have past on we are supposed to rely on our siblings to be there for one another. I think this is wonderful and I hope it remains this way so that when you both have children they can too be just as close as your sister and you.
• Philippines
3 Aug 10
You're right. I am hoping that we remain that way forever! It's a good thing that someone is always there for you no matter what! I always thank God for giving me a sister like her. She's one of a kind!
@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
18 Jan 12
That is certainly great for you and your sister. I am sure that you are both great and you care for each other. Perhaps you also look the same? Or maybe just because of your closeness and being inseparable people think that you are twins. Nevertheless, I wish you best and hope that you will continue to be close.