My own idea about getting direct referrals for neobux or any PTC

August 2, 2010 3:30pm CST
Well i made a blog and i'm still updating it... i made it in a way that if someone new to the PTC world see my blog he or she can understand it well and also join my sites... in this way they may remain active... well i'm trying hard to get traffic for my blog then an idea came to my mind... I've cell phone but i dont use it much like ... i hate doing messages and being busy with mob all the time.. while my friends use it alot... they send me so many forward messages, jokes, breaking news messages, etc... i was thinking what if i create a nice sms and with the TITLE earn online and write down my blog URL... it can do well ...I' will forward this Text message to my friends then they can send it to their friends, and their friends will forward to their friends so on... i mean some of them may look into the blog... then my university notice board came to my mind... there is a notice board for students... if they want to put some news on it... one day i saw someone had put an ad for home available for renting(it may be taken down later lol)... now i'm thinking why cant i just post my blog link over there with just a title EARN ONLINE and many may check it because of curiousity ... what you guys think?? and please check my blog and tell me what i need to do to make it more better
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