meeting your girlfriend's parents....

August 2, 2010 8:41pm CST
what is yur experience when you first met your girlfriend's parent. My girlfriend invited me in thier church, because they have an album launching there. And she said that she will introduce me to her parents. I cant explain why i'm feeling scared and nervous. In one year of us being together this is the first time that she brag in introducing me to her parents. So I said to her that I will come. So i went to their church and still having that nervous feeling. I sit with her brothers, and her parents on the far side. As the event went on I notice that her parents were glancing at me from time to time. And I know that they are talking about me. After the event we went to their car and she introduce me to her parents. When I see a smile in her parents face all my fears went away, and they ask me to join them to a dinner so that they can talk with me. Im glad that my girlfrind's aprents liked me!!
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@jeanieous (107)
• Philippines
3 Aug 10
Just be yourself and be polite. Answer all the questions truthfully when they got to ask you something. Show respect and gratitude that you're happy to meet them.
@paulybg (127)
• China
3 Aug 10
This remind me of my first time to see my wife's parents. I have kept on thinking about what I would do in their home for the first time. I am so vervous and ask my friends to explain to me about the situations I may come across again and again. Anyway, it finally goes on well and they also like me.