how do you score yourself in terms of home organization?

August 3, 2010 1:04am CST
There was this young housewife who had just asked me things to consider to have a well organized home. Is having home cleaned and seeing everyone fed thrice a day enough to consider? Are there other ways to make a home-and the lives of those living in it-operate in a more healthy and efficient way? After having it with loads of thoughts, I came up some attributes that would serve as a guide: a. no clutter. This is the first rule in the house. Have everything in its right places. Make sure too that bottles and containers are properly labeled and they are stored in its designated places so as not to confuse everyone who will seek for the stiuffs. b. Train household help. Specific duties should be stressed out to household helpers let them be held responsible for the things that they do. If possible hand a what-to-do list so they won’t forget and to assure that everything must be carried out for the day. c. Planned menus- Set menus for the week to save time and lessen impulsive buying. d. Secure an updated daily planner- most moms ignore this but I am telling you that this is the most effective for both the moms and househelps. This ensures that tasks and other things are well taken cared of and not being missed so that you can plan again for the next days. e. Establish a routine. Everyone will manage to memorize some tasks since thye’re doing it in routine and moms don’t need to repeat indicating things. With this, other needs will be attended to by moms and the rest of the family members. Having post listed these things, I perceived that my own home is measured up to my own expectations. But then, there’s no perfect home but at least organized. Who knows, you might learn something new about yourself and your family.
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@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
4 Aug 10
My house is not all that organized. I cook every other day, I clean every weekend or whenever it fits in my schedule during the week. I rarely plan out a week of meal. I typically go grocery shopping then cook whatever I bought, and whatever is left on the pantry. It's not fully cluttered - but it's not fully organize either. It's definitely NOT perfect. But it's just the way I like it.