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August 3, 2010 2:00am CST
I have written this article, so that you can shorten your search so that you can shorten your search many countless jobs available on the internet, which we may have not mentioned in this article but there out there open to be taken, About me If u wants to know about me, you will find it at the end of the story, iam starting with the main points firs Do not pay money for the jobs, jobs which ask money for jobs are fake, Employers don’t ask for money in return of job. This article is free, so you can distribute it to your friends, colleagues, no need to bother about copy rights and stuff. This article was written in a hurry, but still it is useful, and will be updated again with more information. The easiest job you can do is ad posting job, where in you go on search on the internet and post there website advertisements on classified sites and forums, it was a very high paying job at first , paying up to $10 per hour, but now it comes around $3 per hour,almost Rs 150 per hour, so if u r needy u can take it. Now where will u get such job?? Listen carefully now,Get some idea about link exchange program, SEO , get quite a good idea about that, it may not be required in some cases, but it cud be required, because lot of webmasters don’t want unwanted ad posting, which can damage there page ranking. You may have seen lot of advertisements, on yahoo group forums, orkut (fake profiles with good looking females on it), and also lot of ad postings in forums, u may have seen lot of ad posting. These are the jobs which i am talking of, they are paid to do it,Canadian, American companies pay lot for doing this around $ 3 per hour, while Indian companies pay less for doing it for example monthly salary of around 6-8 thousand. Join this website millions of jobs (click on your country area, and search according to the category) very real, I personally tried it, its cool) Other sites (transcription jobs) you can also search goggle for “ad posting jobs”, remember to ignore fake jobs. lot of fake jobs will appear for this search but you got to refine your search, by ignoring fake ads. New opportunities coming up on internet is Like you can make videos and submit it on the internet, some websites pay for your content, and u also earn when number of users view that video or photograph, it is actually paid per view, in most cases. But it requires you to have video camera, and ability to shoot videos and photographs, it is easy money for the hobbyists, and u also have to make video , that people will actually like it and will be willing to see it, people must see your video or photograph, in order to get paid. First make an alc in, to receive money after you work Forum Posting Programming Jobs Mystery shopping jobs Data entry jobs Medical Writers Jobs-Transcription Jobs Customer Service Jobs Translators Jobs Book Keeping Jobs /Accounting jobs Get Paid To Read Emails Survey Sites Content Writing Jobs -Forum Posting Job (Can Earn up to $50 Per Hour) Forum posting job is the easiest of the job, you need to have good English and writing skills for the job. Either you are posting topics for forums which are just started or you would be posting for promoting some products or websites on other forums Below Websites actually run services for forum posting, they sell forum posting packages They get paid by websites for posting in there forums, They hire people to post topics in there client forums. -Programming Jobs Most of the programming jobs on the internet are into web development Skills required are Asp,, Php, SEO skills (Requires 3+ years of exp) -Mystery shopping jobs Mostly available for people from USA and Canada Infotel - Instant Reply - IntelliShop – J M Ridgway Company - -About me Hi I am Alpesh. Mechanical Engineer. I can assure you if you have over 2 years of exp in web technologies especially in or php with sql and mysql, as a programmer you may get salary in a medium size company around 25-30,000 Indian rupees, but if you work from home and take projects yourself, you can earn well over Rs 100,000 per month. Thanks for reading my article. Any questions please feel free to ask.
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5 Aug 10
hi buddy, thanks for the great informations.It's very useful.I will use it without hesitation. Good job and keep it up.Your short article like pro internet marketer.
3 Aug 10
lol This is the biggest post I have seen yet. Thanks for this anyway :)