The role of deception in the relationship.

@hushi22 (4940)
August 3, 2010 4:46am CST
Strange how people know the role of deception in a relationship, but still practice it. It only leads to break up and unhappy ending, but there are still some doing such thing. Have you tried deception in a relationship? Why?
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@heavan (17)
• India
3 Aug 10
Hushi, Deception plays a major role in human relationships. (Eg., Wife and Husband relationship.)However, initially we cheat people to make them happy or to escape ourselves from embarrassing situations. But in the longrun we lose trust and respect in the eyes of partners. And a day comes we cannot control ourselves and we break our relationship. I think the reason for all these things is to save our face from one mistake and ends up in infinity of troubles.
@jamuls (530)
• Philippines
3 Aug 10
i had my share of this, i'm not proud of it but it made what i am today. cheating, lying, fooling around and hurting the one you love is i think a part of growing up. part of it was peer pressure and well, stupidity. male egotistic bravado thing... which resulted in so many regrets, tears and a lot of guilt. i've made amends to the the ones i've hurt already but i don't it's enough. to anyone reading this who's just starting to have this urge to fool around, i'd tell you to stop but i know it'd be useless so good luck to you. i'm happy to say that today, i'm with my gf and we'll be turning 7 this coming February 6. :)
@med889 (5958)
3 Aug 10
I like the discussion. Infact it is so true that I want to comment also. Everyone you meet and discuss with them the term discussion, they all know, they can even give examples, they can narrate a story to you and understand it very well also but why still do they practice it! It hurts and thus it pains and the is bad so we must not do it, just as we say we must not do it we should also act against it. I have experience deception in my life and I wish no one experience it too.