I don't want dead.

@sjaswon (639)
August 3, 2010 1:26pm CST
I was working at the company of Diamond Furniture LTD. My staff and I did carpenter for a chair. One asked me for sale expensive gun. It shocked me and side friend but he and I controlled in calm. I thought it was serious. I said to no. One turned away to back work. The friend and I surprised it and discussed about what happen. One was a man. Meantime, he resign work. When I reached my home and lay on a bed. I still thought I asked question myself. How long am I life? I get a gun when police see me and arrest me for many years. I don't know how much is he hurt anyone? Would I lose saw in the beautiful world. I tried a report to a police but I didn't know where he is now going. Would my family heard me dead to cry out heavy. I want happy, longer and important life. My life is breathing, eye can see, hand can do, mouth can talk with a people or eat food.
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