Which one is easy to learn Operating Systems like XP,Server,Vista OR Linux?

August 3, 2010 3:37pm CST
I know very well about the Operating systems like Windows xp, vista, server but i don't know anything about Linux. When i ask about linux to my freinds then they will tell something about key board shortcuts. So while working in linux no necessary of Mouse? Only key board is enough? But if so then also we should remember all the key shortcuts to open and close!!!!!! So friends which one is easy?
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@sunilpaul (173)
• India
7 Aug 10
Get on to windows XP, from there you could experiment with VISTA, Linux or even server using a virtual machine software...it's pretty easy, THEN you can make a decision on which operating system to use...In case you need some clarifications in the virtual machine...ask me..will help you having it installed and running...
• Philippines
5 Aug 10
I think XP is user friendly. Vista is well a bit complicated, or maybe just because I'm not used to using one coz I use XP. I am not sure bout Linux though, haven't tried it. But I would love to learn how it works.
• India
4 Aug 10
I use ubuntu 10.04 which is a linux distro. i use to use xp in the past.after comparing xp aka windows versus linux i feel that if anyone who don't know anyhting about computers, have got a linux first time will feel linux as more simple than xp.I guess windows is more in use because of games.without games windows is second string i think.
@bloggeroo (2171)
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
Kubuntu Linux with its KDE interface gives you an experience close to Windows. So, it's a very popular Linux distribution. But because Linux and Windows are really different, some shortcut keys are not identical in both OS. Nowadays, you really don't have to choose between Windows and Linux because Linux can be installed side by side Windows (i.e., dual boot). In fact, I have three different flavors of Ubuntu Linux installed side by side Windows in my notebook computer. I have Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Mint. You can learn using Linux this way. Anyway, using Linux can change your perspective about software and operating systems. One significant aspect of operating systems is security. Since installing Linux last year, I have not had to worry about viruses and malware. Actually, I had no choice on the matter because apparently, there aren't any that you need to install on your Linux machine.
@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
4 Aug 10
I'm sure you can do some research to learn linux and what-not. There is tons of materials in the internet about it. I've learned a little bit of it, but lost interest. I just started with Windows 7 and I think it's full of neat tricks. And definitely much better than XP or that garbage, Vista. If you really would like to learn linux, you can teach yourself with all the tutorials online. Otherwise, just stick to what you know and be an expert in that. Good luck!
• Mexico
3 Aug 10
I can not stand linux. I use both Windows XP and Vista.