Trust family members

August 4, 2010 12:40am CST
Do you get along with all the members of your family?Sometimes its hard to trust others but what about the family members do you think you can confide in them ? How can you be sure that they love or hate you?As around us you can see everyone talking at the back of their family member. Do you think its fair...
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@sach143_u (859)
• India
4 Aug 10
We should always be frank on any once matter and we should not talk behind of the person. So frankly i am speaking i love my family members alot and i will trust them always forever. I am living with them when i came to this world and they know well about me and i too. Then i think the word trust won't come here at all.
• Mauritius
4 Aug 10
Hii Prisca, i do trust my parents and sibblings but not the other members. well, i do trust but not completely. I am always careful when i tell them something. You cannot trust anyone completely. they may use it later against you. You never know what may happen in the future so better keep quiet in front of them.
@paulybg (127)
• China
4 Aug 10
I think parents and sons/daughters should also be trusted but for some others like uncles may not be as trustable. I have a uncle who is not trusted and even no better than a stranger. Once my mother get ill and in hospital. He come to my sister's house to persuade my sister to buy his products named " PERFECT" and said the products could cure all kinds of illness. But never go the the hospital to see my mother who is badly ill in the hospital. I think he just like my mother to be ill so he could sell his products. But in fact, the products he sells are not as good as he explains. So I think for some family members, you should not trust them.
@Skade24 (750)
• Romania
4 Aug 10
No, i think that is not good to talk the family members behind their backs. But some of the member family, cannot be trustful and they are mean with you, and maybe you cannot be like them, so you are angry and pissed, and then you begin to talk them behind their backs, because you don`t have with whom to talk too, and you need to let the pain out. My father is bad with all of us, and when you get angry on him, because he makes something bad, we cannot help it, and we talk him behind our backs, and i know it`s not normal, but we have to talk to someone sometimes, to help you calm down.