I would like to start a book.

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August 4, 2010 1:27am CST
And I have written the first chapter. I was inspired by a poet, who recently published the book "Crank". Her writing style is unique and very interesting. I would love for people to read my first chapter and comment. -------------------------------- "An Old Stir of Feeling" Out of the corner of my eye, a boy stood. Like a statue of memory, a glance was all we shared. Or was it a glare, on his part? Butterflies flicked their wings from my head down to my toes, My body tingled with questions. From a distance, I could hardly see detail. Except the hair, long and crazily spiked. Only one boy I know. Stone hard eyes shown into mine, And I felt like it was over 3 years ago. For a brief moment, I thought of turning around. "Go back in the store!" A tiny voice cried in my head. But instead I walked forward. Don't look back. Never look back. Is it that easy? If it was him, I'll see him again. Memories will flash back, Like the ashes of the photographs I burned, Oh so long ago. My heart aches, the possibility of the chance. I thought I could flee, But this town isn't big enough To hide the two of us forever. Why God? The torment of knowing. It could be so simple. It is so simple. Even if it was him, Neither of us would acknowledge the other, Both would pretend the other doesn't exist. But he does. In my heart, forever holding a grip. Still not easy, even knowing my heart is taken By another man's grasp. My soul still screamed at the sight of possibility. But it doesn't matter. Both of us are gone. Different people, different lives. Is it so wrong to shake knowing he may be ok? Is it happiness or dread making me quiver? Right now, the question lies restlessly. Another day, same store. Will I go to shop? Or to see if maybe, My eyes did not deceive me? To be continued...
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4 Aug 10
Welcome - Welcome to myLot You say this is your first chapter and it is a start, but I imagine you do understand that a chapter should have more content so thtat it interest and leads the reader to the point of the book. It is a good start and you can turn that into an article and get first hand critics and comments, this I believe should help. Good luck to you with your book, the hard work will be when you decide to get a publisher..
@navonly (901)
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4 Aug 10
hi, writing a book is a great act of creativity. It involves various emotions and feelings. I don't know whether you are writing it for your personal sake or taking it as a profession. Your style of writing seems to be fresh and different. I guess you are writing it for the first time. Though i liked you content but the middle part is going little meaningless.In my opinion try refer other related books you will get good ideas.