Question for Naruto Fans, what episode is the beginning of all lthe Filler?

United States
August 4, 2010 12:52pm CST
I'm watching Naruto to do reviews of the DVDs, which episode is the last episode of the manga storyline before all the filler starts? Any answer would be very helpful as I'm not going to review the filler DVD sets.
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@xenoyosh (121)
29 Aug 10
I dont know what is filler and what is real. After all I just relied on the anime at first. Only at the late part of shippuden did I bother to read the manga.
4 Aug 10
Between naruto coming back from the fight with sasuke and he and jiraiya leaving at the of the series is all filler. While they're mostly pointless and a little annoying some of them, such as the search for the bug that could find sasuke allwo for some interesting explorations and comic action not seen in the manga. Birdie