What do you think of TreasureTrooper?

August 4, 2010 3:00pm CST
I joined treasure trooper while ago but never really got into it. I was recently prompted to get back to it but don't really see the hype. I've been waiting for days for some offers to be confirmed, the survey i filled out was ignored despite completion and there are never any clicks in the cash clicks section. Why is this such a popular site? what are your views or opinions? do you like it or not and why? the answers to any of these questions would be appreciated. Birdie -
3 responses
@GardenGerty (95673)
• Marion, Kansas
4 Aug 10
I never cared for any of the GPT sites. I looked at Treasure Trooper and several of the others. It has been around a long time.
@LouieWpHs04 (4560)
• United States
4 Aug 10
It was appealing way back when, but lately.. it's lacking. Annd. Quite frankly. Other then their new CPC section their offers and everything else are quite outdated. There are better sites out there nowadays. However. If you want a guaranteed payment then TreasureTrooper would be the way to go as they have been around forever. I think a lot of it's popularity comes from the fact that it's been around for years and has yet to not pay any of it's members. Plus the "daily survey" and "daily cpc" rates in most other places are nowhere near as high as TreasureTrooper's. The "offers" sections however are lacking, outdated, and a bit unorganized. The other thing that seems to appeal to people is their "treasure map" concepts where you can earn bonuses by finding "treasure" at the end of the treasure map or something like that.
@wiggles18 (2523)
• Canada
4 Aug 10
I tried it for one day, then I quit. I couldn't really get into it, the site seemed to be all over the place and there were too many things.