Wearing Pajamas to the store.

United States
August 4, 2010 4:55pm CST
Don't you find it revolting that some wear their PJ's out on the town. Especially if their PJ's arent in very good taste, tacky. Also some don't brush their hair either. I feel sorry for them, that they don't wanna take the time to get dressed to look half way decent. They are in their Sponge Bob PJ's...Adults even do it. Just looking at them you can tell....Dont they have any respect for themselves.
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@dogito (89)
• Bulgaria
4 Aug 10
Hello Not all people keep their appearance. Which of course is not correct. There are unwritten rules that you must comply. You can not not brush your hair to look like immersed in oil :( you are unable to go also in his pajamas in public places. At least less people have to comply. However, they adopt the appearance and in mind they are transmitted.
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• Philippines
5 Aug 10
It's okay as long as you look presentable and not disgusting. However, going to stores doesn't requires you to glam up. You are there just to buy things and not to do your catwalk for that matter. I guess everyone has the freedom to do anything as long as it doesn't compromise the welfare of many. Wearing of pajamas in public isn't detrimental to public safety or anything that concerns the law for that matter. Let people wear anything they want. It's their life at the first place.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
5 Aug 10
Hi Plants, we are in the same page of book about people visiting the store or any other places away from the house in their pajamas. We are taught to put on appropriate clothes according to the situation we are since childhood. Actually it looks decent only for us to wear pajamas in our bedroom. It's still considered to be okay if wearing it in our own house. I don't brave enough to go out with pajamas. I would feel uneasy and extremely embarrassed if I happen to appear in the public. I always put on suitable clothes and get my appearance to look rather tidy, clean and decent before leaving for somewhere. One surely will become the limelight as well as a standing joke too in the crowded public if in his or her inappropriate clothes Happy posting and have a nice day
@hanuma34 (821)
• India
5 Aug 10
Hi! Plants. You used the word revolting aptly. All the same if someone fails to observe the decorum there is nothing we can do about. The storeman is there to look after the decency. Ha-Ha.
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
4 Aug 10
I don't even wear pajamas to bed much less out somewhere. I work from home, so I wear somewhat worn jeans and a t-shirt(in the Summer) around the house. But I always change into a nicer pair of jeans and put on a regular shirt when I go out, even just for a quick trip to the grocery store a couple of miles away.