What's your most embarrassing experience?

@juryse (753)
August 4, 2010 9:05pm CST
I think I have more than one. lol! I prefer to forget it but it comes up every now and then especially if I come across a similar experience. One I can't forget was when I was in a mall, I got out a store and I didn't see the extra step. So I fell down on my butt. I think I turned red due to embarassment. But I didn't care so I just stood up and walked on. What's yours?
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@tinym8 (403)
• United States
5 Aug 10
Hi juryse, Mine has to do with falling on my butt also : ) I was going in to a high school dance by myself wanting to look inconspicuous. I too missed the last step and went flying down on my butt. Of course, EVERYONE in the hall turned to look at me and I'm sure my face was beet red. I got up as calmly as I could and snuck off for the ladies room until I had the nerve to appear in the hall again. Everyone probably forgot all about it except me, of course.