A new chapter of life

August 5, 2010 8:23am CST
I'm excited about life,,,I'm having a vision of a good future, one day our country will rise again and it is because God strengthen us again and because we find our true refuge in him. I can't wait to see my country being on the top again and not only that but living peacefully with a heart giving glory to God. I hope we will overcome soon...corruptions will be vanished and all evil doers will be punish by God so they can never harm our beloved Philippines again, I hope our president will seek more the guidance of God, the leasdership of the Lord through the Bible so no one can stand against us. God bless everyone.
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@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
6 Aug 10
I too hope that our new President will be able to hurdle all the problems ahead of him. We must pray also that he will continue to have strength and wisdom. This is not simply a one man job. God listens to those who asks.
• Philippines
7 Aug 10
Yes, lets pray for him. And let's start doing our part as the citizen of this country. God bless you more and may he bless the works of your hands. AJA!
• Philippines
5 Aug 10
What a positive insight! Everything is possible with GOD but we fellowmen has to do something to achieve the better PHILIPPINES living a peaceful and clean government. Ako ang simula, tayong lahat ang simula nang pagbabago! GOD bless
• Philippines
7 Aug 10
Yes you are right. Are you excited too? Hehehehehe! And yes sa atin ang simula...SO let's start finding our hopes, strength to God and depend only to him and always seek his will not our own, always do the things that can give glory to His name. I hope our prayers to God will manifest also in our actions and the way we think. I hope one day the Philippines will have a mindset like God. God bless.