WORST HABIT.. To change or not to change?

August 5, 2010 9:32am CST
What's your worst habit? I suddenly thought of this discussion when I realized that I can't stop myself from myLotting! Okay so I'm not saying that myLotting is my worst habit, but it keeps me away from studying my report for tomorrow :| Haha! Anyways, I think my worst habit is not replying to text messages I receive even if it's already important. It's not always that I ignore them, but sometimes I would just read the message then promise myself to get back to it later, then I would completely forget about it. It would even make my relatives angry at me sometimes, even though they don't tell me :| Aside from that, I have this habit of listening to my iPod all night long that I always forget to remove my earphones till morning. I hate it because my ears hurt when I wake up! So how about you? Please do share.. Have a great day! :)
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5 Aug 10
I guess my worst habit is smoking. I have other bad habits but guess i'd put smoking as the worse. Don't send me any lectures, lol i know all the bad side affects already.
@dust1234 (122)
• United States
5 Aug 10
My worst habit is not going outside when it is a beautiful day.