Bossy! Officemate.

Saudi Arabia
August 5, 2010 9:59am CST
At my office there a lot of people you can see everyday and every one of them have a personality,You can meet shy office-mate,talkative office-mate, serious one and sometime bossy one.This bossy person try to be boss when your superior is not around.sometimes you can say that he or she are just concern bout your reports or something,but sometimes he or she gives you an instruction or work that supposed to be there are the one doing it.How you can deal with this kind of office-mate?Your are trying to be courteous as it can be but sometimes it just not good.
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5 Aug 10
I was once in that kind of situation. At first, I was just shocked that a subordinate could just boss me around right in front of many people but after a day, I immediately took care of it. The next time she tried to boss me around, I pretended not to hear and was just plain busy with what I'm doing. I also showed some irritation when she persisted on doing the same thing. I think she was also quick to realize that I'm not the person who would be "under" her whims. After that, she doesn't do it anymore. Even though we never argued or discussed about it. I think everything's better left unsaid. We are still friends but at least she knows the limitations.
@lulu1220 (1010)
• United States
5 Aug 10
I have dealt with people like this. I will listen to them, but always go with what my boss says. If that person happens to say something that contridicts what I was told by the boss, I will check with them. My job could be on the line! A admit that I am the one in charge when my boss is out, but I do not act like that.