Who is the real winner in Common Wealth Games to be held in New Delhi

August 5, 2010 11:54am CST
Common Wealth Games is going to be held in New Delhi w.e.f. 3rd October do you know who is the real winner before starting the game. I think Organisation Committee members are the real winner. They have made huge money before starting the game. For Example as per Newspaper dt. 04.08.10 they lease a treadmills for Rs. 1 million for 45 days while suppliers hire treadmills for Rs. 100 thousand. The cost of Treadmills is Rs. 400 Thousand. It is an example. Corruption level is too high in my Country. What do you think?
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• India
6 Aug 10
The winner is definitely the members of organizing committee as well as their future generations. They have made enough money that at least their 7 generations can live a lavish life without any additional income. They dont't care a damn whether the games are conducted successfully or not. They have snatched their slice of funds and very well know that any strict action is not going to be taken against them. The matter will be highlighted in the media for some time and after that everyone is going to forget about that. Just think about it. The budget has exceeded 17.5 times the original plan. Even the Olympics were conducted in a lesser amount than this and the entire amount is going from the pockets of tax payers !!!
6 Aug 10
Totally agree with my friend there.The real winner is the Organisation Committee.Especially now that the committee has started Damage contol exercise by suspending 3 members and starting an enquiry on the same.