What Has Happened To The Death Penalty???

@LadyMarissa (12161)
United States
August 5, 2010 12:36pm CST
My news has been filled with people who committed murder going before the court system. Yesterday there was a segment on a man who attempted to kill his ex girlfriend & her unborn baby. He will be facing a sentence of 20 years in jail. Just the day before that, a mother pleaded guilty of killing her son. Not only did she kill her son, she also had the Sheriff's Department looking for a homeless man that she said had broken into her car, forced her out & killed her son before her eyes. It took them weeks of expense to figure out that the mother did it. As I said, she pleaded guilty & the judge only gave her 8 years with 3 years suspended...ONLY 5 years for killing her own child. I believe that it's a Mother's place to take care of her child at ALL COST...NOT murder her child!!! Then there was a man who chose to drive his car on a road he was unfamiliar with, at night without his headlights on. He was going over 100 miles an hour. He lost control of the car on a curve, the car went airborne, flew through the air over 500 yards (5 football fields), crashed through the back side of a house, hit a man sitting on his own sofa in the safety of his own home watching his own television killing him immediately. The car continued on crashing through the front of the house & landing in the front yard. He was given 3 years probation along with 3 weeks community service. Yet a neighbor who was driving 50 in a 35 zone ran over a child who ran out in front of her. The neighbor received 30 years in jail. Then there are the drug dealers who sell drugs to someone who knocks on their door & asks to buy them. YES, they are wrong for selling drugs; but do they deserve more time in jail than a murderer??? I know there are times the death penalty just doesn't apply. Yet there are times it does. I just don't understand a justice system that turns murderers loose after a few years & gives others half their life in jail for lesser offenses. How do you feel about the sentencing system here in the US???
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