How do you determine if someone you're dating with likes you in return

August 5, 2010 1:02pm CST
Are you fast enough to know whether he/she is attracted to you.
3 responses
• Saudi Arabia
5 Aug 10
For me is just simple if the girl likes me after a date for sure there can be another one.And for at that night i can have a kiss before she go home.
• Philippines
6 Aug 10
really! how do you do that? having a kiss before going home on the first date.
@lulu1220 (1010)
• United States
5 Aug 10
Well if they ask you out again that is a good sign. However sometimes you just know it in your gut. Listen to it.
• Portugal
5 Aug 10
if looks much to you, if talks in a more sweet way when is with you then when is with other people, if says sweet things to you^^ these ways are easy ways to know if the person like us back^^ and if you talk about some guy in front of him and he acts strange or jealous ahah there is a guy that said to me today he loves me as friend but i know he loves me bcs he said this before and also today he said if i have someone else to tell him ahha^^