When a Woman Gets Married, Do You Think She Should Change Her Name?

@Aurone (4758)
United States
August 5, 2010 2:21pm CST
I got a divorce recently and I just spent over an hour changing my last name of several things. It has taken me forever to re-change my name and some cost as I had to pay for a new driver's license. I think if I get married again, that I won't change my name. I just think I will keep my maiden name forever. Do you think it is necessary to for woman to change her name upon marriage? Women, will you or did you change you name when you got married? For guys, do you care or did you care if you wife changes her last name to yours?
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• United States
8 Aug 10
i'd say nowadays,it's personal choice.but some guys do take it as a deep insult when you don't.but mandatory?no.it shouldn't be.
@jerikjames (1045)
• Philippines
5 Aug 10
I'm sorry for the divorce. Anyway, today it's every woman's right if they're going to change their surname. I don't think it's necessary though. It's up to the woman and her arrangement with her husband if she's going to change her name or not. It all rests to the woman's idealism and beliefs I suppose and of course, if that's alright with her husband.
• United States
5 Aug 10
Hello Aurone, Dang, divorce really sucks. When I got married I took on my husbands last name. My maiden name was really atrocious and got misspelled alot. I have a sister in law that is a college university professor; when she got married she kept her maiden name and added his name to hers. This was stictly for professional reasons. My husband and I divorced after 7 years of marriage but I kept his last name mainly because we had 2 children. We remarried in 1992