First words, and their meaning

@mabey1 (337)
August 5, 2010 3:56pm CST
My son just spoken his first words. they wor actually 2 words: mom and dad. my husband and i was very happy that this were his first choice. recently i read an article related to this subject. i don't know if you knew but their is a meaning behind our childs first or this is what they say. anyway in the article says that the child who first says the name of a family member is going to have a realy strong relation with his family. i think that's true my son is a mom's boy.anyway what's your oppinion on this, is their true behind this words?
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@pastigger (618)
• United States
6 Aug 10
My little girls first word was mama. We are really close but I am also with her all day. I love her very much and so does my husband. But at this time he works out of the home and I work in the home. It sounds like a nice idea and I hope there is some truth to it. I feel very blessed to have my daughter. We tired for over two years just to get pregnant with her. I hope to always be close to her, I think most mothers wish that.
@kristinad (185)
• United States
5 Aug 10
hello mabey1 i have no clue i never read the article. all i know is that my sons first word was mom and my son and i are really close my son is a mamas boy