Zaraki is the strongest Character on Bleach

August 6, 2010 1:45am CST
For all you bleach viewers, i know some of you have a favorite character on this show probably because he is cool, strng or whatever bu i would like to respond to anyone who wonders who the strongest character pn bleach is. AND THE IS...PAPARAPAAAAM!(drum rolls):...Zaraki Kenpachi. Zaraki Kenpachi aka Ken-Chan is the strongest character. I know some of you might say: ICHIGO KICKED HIS BEHIND!!! for all you ichigo lovers o uhmm followers...Ken-Chan was not using his full power. Se Ke-Chan is nothing like the Caps...he wants to play..he likes getting hurt...he adores giving his opponents numerous chances to kill him because its challenging and he has something worth fighting...his life. Some of you mght forget the battle between him and Noitora(Espada #5) when he Ken-Chan used both of his hands to kill him in one simple,lazy blow. Let me repeat myself so you can understand clearer; HE KILLED NUMBER % WITH ONE SWORD BLOW AND HE DIDNT EVEN PUT EFFORT INTO THE BLOW!! also he has traine with the captain commander in the past so that gives him more points :) SOOOO bottom line is that no one is as strong as Zaraki!
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• Australia
28 Oct 10
Agreed he is the strongest, but strength isn't everything. Because he likes to play games and very rarely gets serious, he can be killed. Although if he ever got around to mastering his Zenpaktou then no one will ever be able to beat him.