could you manage without your computer or internet ?

August 6, 2010 3:03am CST
nearly everyone relies on computers and the internet, just say they all shut down for a week no internet no computer could you manage? would you be able to do without it or are we all too relient on the technology.
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@xeroeight (1061)
• Philippines
6 Aug 10
Yes I did when the typhoon ondoy hit our country we lost internet connection for 8 days and its really depressing because I lost almost $50 that time but still I'll consider it as my long holidays of my online career. I also get boring that time so I always to mall with my girlfriend and play some board games in our house with my nephew. day by day I feel more relax and just excited for the internet connection to be back.
6 Aug 10
thank you for your reply :) what if it went for good never coming back then what?
@dcollins (16)
• United States
17 Aug 10
I think many people today are dependent upon technology, but I also feel it is a good thing to force oneself to take a tech-vacation every now and again. To actually read a physical book or have a real conversation with another human without a phone or computer is a real treasure that many of us take for granted too often.
@jaypeesol (219)
• Philippines
11 Aug 10
I make my living from the Internet so I wouldn't be able to live without an Internet connection and a computer. :)
• Germany
10 Aug 10
no, i don't think will be such a mess. but of course if you are not used to the internet then you might just cope with playing games.making friends abroad would have been just dream!
• Sri Lanka
6 Aug 10
NO i can't live without computer and internet I can't say the feeling when my mom say me to not to use computer anymore, but now I use because this is my holiday season
@paulybg (127)
• China
6 Aug 10
I think that would be a nightmare if there is no computer. Anyway, live would still go on, although I may lose contact with many friends and have very boring days.