paid to post forum

August 6, 2010 3:38am CST
hi to all and everyone. i've stumbled upon an interesting site just like this is a paid to post forum known as you might want to check the site out. they have contests and other gimiks. the site is really cool. i just registered recently and i am still getting familiar with the site. you get 1-2 points per post that you post and you can exchange your points with cash. the minimum payout is 150 points which is equivalent to $1.50. not bad eh? the more you post, the more points you get and the more points you get, the more cash you can exchange it with. and by the way, before you start posting, might as well read the forum rules. you don't want your account to be banned immediately just right after you register do you? if you have doubts on this information then you can try google-ing and try to see for yourself. there have been no negative feedback whatsoever at this point in time and there are many payment proofs and testimonials says that the site is paying on time. so why don't you try it out too. you can also put my username as your referrer if you want to but if you won't use my username as your referrer then it's fine by me. i just want to share this to you my fellow mylotters and hope that i can help you a little bit with this somehow useful information. if what i am doing again is illegal then kindly please inform me. thank you and have nice day.
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