How to make a report for your boss?

August 6, 2010 7:35am CST
Hi,everyone I have joined a new company,work as a process engineer.But now I work with the operator together in the workshop.I must learn more details and quick as soon as possible.My boss told me to make a weekly report for him,including views questions thoughts and suggestions.But I have never make report like this. Who can help me to tell me how to make it?Thanks in advance!! GOOD LUCK!
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@serubhai1 (204)
• India
6 Aug 10
Hi Wesley, From your post, it appears that you are a shop floor supervisor. Reports are not meant to be prepared by filling in a ready-made template. As you have rightly said, you need to know the peak production achieved or desired and the actual day's production. Your boss wants to know the reason for this variance. In the report, put in the weekly average data of all machines and also the production. Any anomalies should be given importance. Go through past log books, manuals-then call the machine manufacturers. As you will be recommending spare parts, when they come-ask them to explain the m/c function. For more help, you need to tell me your product, the no and type of machines you have, the production achieved vs the installed capacity, a flowchart of the process, and your immediate adjacent organization chart. Best of luck.
• China
8 Aug 10
Thnaks!!very details,I will take your advice.
@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
6 Aug 10
wesley_lu, I believe you would have realized the scope of your work and duty - as such, I think you will just have to report your work and duty accordingly. Paying attention to the problems encountered and facing - it would be good if you can implement preventive measures or come up with solutions. Other than that, I suppose it would be mainly your observations and feedback. You may also want to check with your peers or immediate superior what is required of your report and you. Have a nice day.
• China
8 Aug 10
Thanks for your advice, now I have some ideas to how to make the report. I must think somthing about my responsbilities.