Can we blame the people in the slum areas,why they are so many?

August 6, 2010 10:06am CST
In my observations for so many years just seeing the families around the slum areas, makes me feel sad to the fact,that they are having a very big family,that their ways of livelihood is very critical,that it could not afford,what their existing numbers of the family members,with the exclusion of the mother was in a family way,again.These scenarios in the slum areas are all lucid in the eyes of all people,who can passed bye their dwellings,with all the bad odors of mud and garbage mixed with the air around the surroundings.They have no ways to make busy what to do to improve family ways,but to have more babies.Can we really blame these people?Maybe yes and maybe no,because they should be address by the government,so that they can be given the proper shelter to a cleaner place out of pollution from mud and garbage,they are sniffing everyday in the slum areas.What do you think myLot friends?
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@adel09 (490)
• Philippines
6 Aug 10
Actually, they are busy enough to make their family bigger and
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7 Aug 10
Thank you very much for the response.I can blame them for so productive in making new family members,yet they are not productive economically,due to the fact,that no one seems to acknowledge their presence in society.If they are employed,it is only in menial works,yet some are still very courageous to land a good paying job.By doing so his financial status also increases,that society starts to honor his credits to the progress of his contribution to the nation.Despite of all these improvements,there are still lots of slum dwellers,who needed some financial assistance from the government and other civic minded citizens,to make them progressive and self reliant.