What does money means yo you??

@rhodax (26)
August 6, 2010 11:28am CST
Money makes things a little bit easier a lot of time. it doesn't solve all problems, but it isn't the root of all evil either..hehehe..
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• United Arab Emirates
6 Aug 10
Some quotes or sayings about money. 1. money does not grow on trees. 2. money is the cause of all evil. 3. Money does not solve problems. 4. Money comes and goes. 5. Its hard to earn money. i would say that if we have this restricting beliefs we will never earn money. If we want to earn money we need to think positive and not negative. We need to attract money and money will flow.
@rhodax (26)
6 Aug 10
its really hard to earn money..but if you do sacrifice find ways to earn money..for sure uyou can get it..money is everywhere..
• United States
7 Aug 10
i agree money is out there, all it is make life little bit difficals. let say you need money, so you work harder. but when you have too much money, you speand alot untill you run out and then more bills. so you got balance everything.
@rhodax (26)
7 Aug 10
we have to balance everything in order for us stay happy..it might help..
@udnisak (610)
• Australia
28 Aug 10
you are correct.. it solves many problesms.. money do solve some serious probelems and can gain happiness in a way.. but one should understand that money is not everything and we shuld not be obsessed with it.. howver i like earning money online and it has been a wonderful journey so far...
@veromar (1457)
• Argentina
8 Aug 10
Money just means that I can pay my bills and buy food and necessities for my family.