Life Is Boring

August 6, 2010 12:06pm CST
I am missins something in my life now.....
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• United States
6 Aug 10
Hi! I'm sorry that you feel your Life is Boring. I feel that way also; I'm not the happiest person in the world. I've always suffered from depression. My adult son does also. Neither of us have special someones so life is also lonely. I don't get much done on a daily basis either. It's hard for me to feel like doing anything. My son and I take turns on the computer. And as far as outside activities like church or groups I've known for a long time I need to get involved with something but I lack energy; I just don't feel like doing much of anything. My son and I go out daily for tea, coffee or some cheap food if we have enough money. And we like to take walks. But I'm sad because I know I'm missing out; I've always missed out. We don't have a car so it's very difficult to not have the convenience of a good running car. It makes your quality of life limiting and you can't go to really neat places.
6 Aug 10
You are likely missing something. Do you know what makes you happy? If so go out and do what it is. If you don't know yet then go search for it I guess... xD You've given hardly any information so I can't say anything more, but if you could explain further would be great :D