Can a macbook get a virus?

mac virus - does mac has virus
August 6, 2010 4:05pm CST
i am wondering because macbooks are sold on this statement that mac is virus free,since it is the main source of publicity , so what exactly is it ?
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• United States
7 Aug 10
Mac Books DO get viruses, all computers get viruses, but Mac computers don't have a lot of viruses because hackers do not really make them for Mac, they mainly target Windows users because a lot more people use Windows. You should look up online for anti-virus software for you Mac Book.
• Hong Kong
7 Aug 10
Apple Laptop's market share in 2009 is only 8.8%. Hackers almost have nothing in that small piece. Sometime virus has made from young programmers just to express themselves so that Macbook is too expensive and less people to be victims. But in the future, the "ripe Apple" has bigger market share, they will have the same problems just like Windows.
6 Aug 10
Macs do get viruses, but as more people use PCs there are less. They are no more secure than PCs, it's just a marketing gimmick really!
@fpsninja (874)
6 Aug 10
Macbooks can get viruses, just as easily as a pc, the thing is, there are less viruses for mac out there. If you think about it, whoever wrote the virus, wants to infect as many people as possible. And as most people use PC, more viruses are "targeted" to take down pc's rather than macs. Soa s less people use macs, less viruses are written for macs (because the person who writes the virus will get money in some way for person he infects). So as macs are now becoming more and more popular, more viruses are being written against them. To put it another way, if everyone used a mac, and very few people used a pc, there would be loads of viruses for macs, and very few for pc. If you want an OS for its protection against viruses, my advice would be go with linux. Its not very popular, and runs windows compatible programs (like a simialr version of word, etc) as well as having an internet explorer. But you wont be able to play games, and other software, but if you are just after a internet surfing laptop or something, i would definately go linux (or if you are into programming, i dont run linux as i need pc for cs source) Hope this helps