Its raining very heavily out side from last 15 days.. now the floods are over..

August 7, 2010 2:28am CST
Hello every one. As you know that the Flood is over in City(still destroying other parts of the country), but this rain is making me crazy. i want to go and play in the rain. because it is first time in Summer that we are getting so much rain and not only rain it is cold rain. the weather here is quite good too. but when ever i plan to go out and play all those floods comes in my mind. all those dead bodies and dead animals crosses through my mind and all the joy on my face disappears and i comes back with out playing in it. what should i do?? i know when ever there is a rain every one, from younger to old ones, wants to play in it. Now i want to play too but why i am unable to play in it?? have you found such situation in your life when you want to do some thing and you are not forced by some one to not to do that but still you are unable to do that?? please share Take care
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@Maggiepie (7821)
• United States
9 Aug 10
Why can't you play in it? You know, everything has an up side & a down side. It depends on your personality what you choose to focus on. Sure, I know it might flood. I also know that I might catch cold, & that I could even catch some other disease, wading in the water--though, as it happens, none of that has ever happened to me. But I choose to be lighthearted, & splash & play, if I feel like it. Who is there to make me stop? I say enjoy life. You might not live as long as those who always see the bad possibilities, but you won't care, because you will have enjoyed your life! Maggiepie "The difference between the almost-right word & the right word is really a large matter; it's the difference between the lightning-bug & the lightning." ~ Mark Twain
• Pakistan
9 Aug 10
hum... thanks for your response maggiepie i will try to learn what you said. take care
@man2sting (637)
• Indonesia
9 Aug 10
I'm sorry to hear 'bout that. However, as man proposes God disposes, we'd best say, innalillaahi wa inna ilaihi raajiun. Take care.
• Pakistan
9 Aug 10
yes, you are right Innallillahi wa inna ilaiha rajioon.. is the best think to read in such conditions thanks alot my dear brother