prank your friends, brother and family when they turn on the computer here !!!

August 7, 2010 3:23am CST
we all know that prank someone is the best activity because its fun (not really i know) but if we have another new way to do it we would all loved it right, so what i wanna post here its about how to prank your friends or anyone in this world when they turned on the computer so the way it works is when they turn the computer on a blank screen will pop up with some prompt saying formatting harrdrive and then the skull appear in 3d hahahahhaa so here the list that you have to do this file 2.extract the archive the file instructions for more instructions 4.log off or turn off then turn on and the voila hahhahaha 5.enjoy p.s. : i did not claim this is mine !reply for archive password!
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