How do you get visitors to our blog?

@jamed28 (1909)
August 7, 2010 10:31am CST
I'd been ding my blog for almost 3 months now. I wonder how many visitors does my blog have a day so I register an account at getclicky to monitor my blog visitors. To my surprise, nobody is looking at my blog. What should I do to lure visitors to my blog? My blog is about my favorite articles, music, poem, stories etc.
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@carolscash (9500)
• United States
10 Aug 10
I just recently started blogging and so I am interested in this information too. I have heard that if you read other blogs and comment on them that you are more likely to get visitors. Make sure that you have current information on your blog and I am sure that it helps to write on it every day. I have not been doing that but I plan to beginning next week. I hope to get many visitors to my blog as well.
10 Aug 10
give your blog adress and invite everybody from myLot to visit . after that, ask for respond and comments..maybe it helps a lot... i think this a better way for newbie like me
@loveaan3 (35)
• China
10 Aug 10
in fact in china we usually use QQ to write some articles but i do not like it just because it can show your QQfriends more than others people!As for you,first,you'd better reply other peoples' blong and see them how write their own blong and then you can imitate must be friendly to people!and then the will the more care about your blong!good luck for you!(by the way i am a new user and i am a chinese so there must be a lot synatax eroor there,sorry!)
• China
9 Aug 10
you can put you blog to tell your friends,post in the all forums,so that there will be more and more people your blog.
@koditza (235)
• Germany
8 Aug 10
You can connect your blog to facebook/twitter/myspace etc and that way your friends see your posts, read it, without you telling them to check your blog.
• Singapore
7 Aug 10
i will go and visit others' blogs, and comment of those I like, since most likely they have same habits with me and may like to visit my blog. and I will update regularly and more often. nobody will want to visit a blog which has only a few diaries.
• India
7 Aug 10
HI Best way is to directly comment in other people's blogs, participate in blog forums like Blog Catalog,etc. By doing this and befriending other bloggers, you might get a link to your blog posted in their blog.This'll bring in more traffic.