The use of interrogation, isn't it violate the human rights?

United States
August 7, 2010 12:35pm CST
As U.S. as the leading supporter of Human Rights, and it constantly watch over other countries, and condemn them the abuse of violences. Should they also leashed its use of interrogation tactics and not to abuse human beings? If you see those reports, many CIA or military personnel during the war, use cruel interrogation and violent lynch to abuse their prisoners. What human rights are there? So, there is ambiguous meaning on human rights for super power to say so superficially. Unavoidably, during the war, violent tactics are used to get the information out of the prisoners, but brutal beating and violent just won't be acceptable internationally. Just think about what if other countries would treat our citizen the same way, would you relentlessly criticize them inhuman too?
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@xenobane (205)
• Canada
10 Aug 10
Is always the same, the one who has the power is just. The very nature of the interrogation is to force the answer out of the victim's mouth, one way or another. For those that you have leverage on, talking will usually work. But for those that have nothing to lose, talking is just a waste of time. The "human right" won't stop military from get the job done, to them is just text on paper. The so called right is only a relative term, how to justify is all depending on the party using it. Right now U.S. has the power over others to justify theirs, and that's how we come to view it.