Fake listing on house rental

United States
August 7, 2010 12:59pm CST
There is new tactics applied by those con artist recently. The potential con artists saw a foreclosure house through those MLS listing network, and had called a locksmith, who claim that has lock himself out of the house. Once the house unlocked, he will call another locksmith to install another lock. Then he would post a house rental on craigslist or other classified ads on an extreme low market price for rental. Once a potential renters saw the ad, he/she might contact this scamster for information. Once the deal make, the tenant will make monthly payment to a post office address. Until one day, someone or the bank send someone over to look over the house, and question the tenants why they living in this house. Then they knew that they were scammed. So, whatever situation you have, if you intend to rent a house, you must request a house deed, or make a lease agreement at least. Then you have a proof that you are legally rent a house.
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