where does cracking knuckle sounds come from?

@genevy04 (793)
August 7, 2010 2:14pm CST
When we crack our knuckles, they make a crisp sound..I wanna know if somebody knows where does the sound come from?
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7 Aug 10
As far as I know it’s the pop made by the release of gas. Science was never my strong suit though!
@mabey1 (337)
• Romania
7 Aug 10
i read the same thing. in the joint is a fluid that works like oil, and permits the surfaces glide without friction. when in this fluid forms gases makes that poping sound. or so it said the article if i'm remenbering corectly.
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7 Aug 10
Unless you’re Wolverine from the X-Men and it’s the sound of your adamantium skeleton. Thanks for the real science!