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@megabiz (185)
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August 7, 2010 6:39pm CST
Has any one ever seen an angel? Perhaps God? I have lady from my church who's mom had a heartache in June. The lady's mom lives six states away. This lady got an emergency flight. As she was on the plane in mid air, she had a window seat. The sky was setting a beautiful sunset. So, this lady looked at her watch, as she journals the time, location and what she takes pictures of, it showed to be 5:45pm. Then she peered through the camera lens and snapped the picture. In awe, she thought she just took a picture of what looked like an angel. She looked at the sky and nothing looked like an angel. So, she looked at her camera too see the picture she just took. She came back to tell everyone in the congregation the story. When she looked at the sky there was no angel. Yet, when she looked back at the pictures on her camera, it showed an silhouette of an angel. When she arrived to her destination, she went strait to the hospital where the nurse said, "Sorry. But your mom past away at 5:45pm. That just tour my heart to hear that story. One more true story: I live in Oklahoma and we had a very bad tornado in May 3,1997. It tore down a lot of homes and business in town. I was living near and Air Force Base at the time. A man from my church was a storm chaser that evening. He was taking picture for a news crew. When it was all over, he when to get on the computer to download the picture to send to the news crew, to his amazement, one of the pictures he took was above my church where the funnel cloud was but it showed that the funnel cloud was not even touching the church. The funnel cloud was in the middle of a silhouette Jesus face with his arms coming out of the sky. It was as if he was protecting the church from harm. The church had only minor roof damage in one corner. The man brought the picture to church for us all to see. Has anyone ever experience anything like this? Or... Know of anyone that has experience such a thing? God Bless.
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@Angelgirl16 (2177)
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8 Aug 10
Hi megabiz, I personaly have not had that beautiful experience of seeing angels, but a little member of my family has. The little girl was out shopping with her mother and a friend of her mother's. When they had finished shopping and got back to the car. The little girl asked her mother why was that lady sitting on their car. Her mother and the friend looked for the lady but did see anyone. They looked and each and smiled. The conversation on the way home changed to another subject, nothing important, just chit chat. As the journey home continue, the mother thought about what her little daughter had asked her earlier, then she as her a simple question, "honey, is the lady still on our car?" the littl girl answer was, "no mommy, it's okay she is sitting beside me." Her mother then knew that her daughter's guardian angel was sitting beside her. I totally believe in heavenly beings.
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10 Aug 10
Hi, This true story happened quick awhile ago, but I stil feel full of joy whenever I share it. I pray that her guardian angel is still watching over her and her mother. The are most doing very well.