babies are wonders, too

August 7, 2010 10:40pm CST
I was visiting a friend who had a tot. The mom - my friend - was out of the room so I watched over the tot who was busy exploring her little environment. Until a walker made of rattan stopped her from moving forward where she perhaps wanted to go. She paused and looked at the walker, tried to see what blocked her progress. After a few minutes of contemplation on her part, she stooped and lifted the lower rim of the rattan walker or at least tried to. She was eventually successful in moving it a few inches out of her way enough to let her teeny weeny body go through. I laughed out loud with amusement and cried 'Atta Girl.! As adults, we lose our curiousity and the taste for adventures, something which is regrettable. We tend to stay within our comfort zone and be content with the routine. But perhaps we could learn again from our babies and tots. Don't you think so?
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