So, who's gonna watch you die?

August 7, 2010 11:21pm CST
Last week, I went emotional while listening to "What Sarah Said", a song of Death Cab For Cutie. It is quite a story about a dying girlfriend/wife then her boyfriend/husband and friends are in the waiting room. And when the nurse got out of the ICU, the boyfriend/husband goes "I'm just thinking of what sarah said. That love is watching someone die. So, who's gonna watch you die?" Then I thought of my love ones dying, and I CAN'T TAKE IT! Damn. Haha Look, I love them but I don't know if I can see them dying. It is very selfish of me thinking that I should be die before them. But no one knows when we will be leaving, right? How about you, can you watch someone die? So, who's gonna watch you die?
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