money is not the root of all evil. one can only let it be

August 31, 2006 10:10pm CST
money and some other things have what i can call a tast of satisfaction so it 'gives joy' in quote. it is true that money has been the cause of many atrousities in the histry. meanwhile we must take note of something when talking about money and evil. GOD gives money(ii) JESUS used/spent, kept and recieve money. He must not have recieved, give/spent,kept a root of separate evil from money simply means to have a control personally. to oppose a motion (that actually caused by a force)a force is needed not just a force but a greater force. this opposing force must a defferent direction to the opposing motion' force. Money tends to move to controll who ever that have it no matter the amont much or little. but who ever has money without the SPRIT of GOD has simply PROBLEM. ithe person will be controlled by the money to do not many evill but all evill. this Spirit of GoD must be in controll first before at all the money comes in. money kills even without having it! THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil it is not MONEY. the love of money most be known as early as possible. in other to flee from it. the love of Money it lost of/ for money. it simply means trying to get rich by all means. it is when one wants to get money by all means that many things can follow like stilling, killimg/robbery e.t.c. money is defferent from its love. money is not evil but rather its lost(love)
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