Colic baby

@garneta (185)
August 8, 2010 4:23am CST
my son is 1 month old and he cries for more than 3 hours in a day,i tried switching him to different position where he feels comfortable but it doesn't help, he continue to cry until he gets tired. how bout you?? have you experience this on your baby?? i did a research in the internet and the sign he shows tells that he is a colic there any medicine to keep him calm? or any ways to calm him..please need your comments.thanks
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9 Aug 10
According to some doctors there're some children who are colicky by birth, if their mother has the same problem it may transfers to her baby as well.But you should consult the doctor.I have suffered a lot when my baby girl was born .She had the same problem of colic and bloating.I went to the famous doctors but the answer was same she will be ok by the passing of time.Try to make your baby sleep belly down.There's one tip which my baby's doc told me. Lie your baby on the bed hold his calves and press towards his belly and press his belly a little,you'll see your baby passing gas and feeling much relax.There's one home remedy. Take a saucepan put 2 glasses of water then add 1 tbspoon of fenugreek,1 big cardamom,2 small green caramoms,1 tspoon sugar, and 3 mint leaves with stems.Bring them to boil with lid on now when you see there is only one glass of water is left turn off the heat and let it cool under room temprature.Give this drink to your baby 2 to 3 times in a day.
@irisseno (134)
• Philippines
8 Aug 10
i have a 7 mos. old son almost 8 mos. now but i've never encountered that problem with him...for all i've known the normal and healthy time for a baby to cry is only 15 mins. and beyond that it's no longer good and might harm the baby's my advice for you is to bring your baby to your pediatrician and ask him/her about your baby's situation..and another should let your baby feel how much you love him by kissing and hugging him so that he'll feel your love.."a mother's love is the best medicine for our baby's illness" as my pediatrician have just pray always..there's no impossible things when we believe in him..i'll also pray for your baby's fast recovery..