Love is not belong to me

August 8, 2010 6:10am CST
It is not suitable for me to fall in love with someone. I am selfish.I really don't know how to get along well with a boy. Love will make me tired and fidget.I really don't know how to do with my life.I am feeling upset now.
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@Tresaqwe (376)
• United States
9 Aug 10
Love is suitable for everyone, you just haven't found it. I haven't found it, most people haven't. If you aren't good at getting along with boys, wait. You will become more tolerant to them after time, I'm sure. And maybe relationships just aren't for you. Love is suitable for everyone, but not everyone needs it. Perhaps you need to stop worrying about how you can't fall in love and worry about other things. :]
@ada8may21 (2419)
• Philippines
8 Aug 10
Maybe for now you find yourself that kind or person. But once you feel the love things will be change. I would say that I am also like that before, stubborn and snob. I am not considerate and patience. But when I fall in love to my first bf I somehow just learned to be lenitent and open minded. Its the love who taught me to be like this.
@roxxtime (299)
• United States
8 Aug 10
Love is definitely not suitable for you...... right now. You may never have a significant other but love (in some form) is for everybody you just haven't met the right body. Maybe you won't but if you do you won't even worry about being selfish. Love is blind. You don't have to get tired and fidget that is up to you. keep it exciting.