How does a person end up in a squatter's area?

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August 8, 2010 10:31am CST
I just listened to a the BrewRATS' radio drama called "Iputok Mo Sa Labas" on YouTube and it gave me a new perspective on how people become a squatter. In this radio drama the protagonist Carding is dreaming of becoming a squatter in Manila but he lives in the province. In reality, I think people who are from the province who thought that an urbanized city would increase their chances of getting rich and have failed ends up on the streets or in the urban poor areas. How do you think people end up in the urban ghetto? Why do people keep on repeating the same mistake again and again?
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@oplopez81 (158)
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
Mega Mall - This is a panoramic view of MegeMall and other buildings in the vicinity. Symbol of progress in the Philippines...just don't look at the other side. :-))
I cannot really attribute the problem only to these people. If only we can provide opportunities in the province, then they will not think of going to the city anymore. They have food to eat in the province but they do not have the money to buy them other necessities in life. They cannot even send their kids to good schools because they lack the money or their place of residence does not have any good schools. All the good opportunities are congested in Metro Manila and of course, who would not want to partake of the good life. I think we really need to decongest Metro Manila of its opportunities. The government should develop the province and invite investors to put their money there, that would in one way or another prevent our countrymen from the province from going to the city. I like what Henry Sy is doing. He is bring SM stores in the province. That will definitely provide jobs for our provincemates. Other investors should follow suit.
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14 Aug 10
I don't think manila has that much opportunities because if it was then there wouldn't be slums. If what you are saying is going to happen people will begin to flock in the provinces making them into urban areas, in which people who makes mistake of thinking that they will have the opportunity because there is a mall. If that happens since you are proposing a new opportunity for them then a new squatters area will form. What you are saying will not work in my opinion.
• Philippines
15 Aug 10
Hi gorillafootprints. It is true that there are not enough opportunities in Metro Manila but the thing is, the mass influx of people from the province aggravates the situation. Take a look at the squatters in Metro Manila. Most of them are not original residents of Metro Manila. Ask them why they are here. They would tell you that the money is here. Ask them to go back to their provinces and they would tell you that there are no or little opportunites for them there. If only people from the province have opportunities in their own areas, then they would have no reason to go to Manila. I am sure most of them are not squatters in the province. Many have their own homes but unfortunately, the opportunities in Metro Manila which are not present in their province lure them to leave their homes. Setting up of a mall is just an exmpale of giving opportunities for them. There are so many ways. Put up international ports, set up call centers, develop and construct business areas, improve roads, upgrade seaports and transportation, support and increase public school budgets in the area, upgrade hospitals, etc. These will provide jobs. These will not create a new breed of squatters in the province. If we are going to do this, Metro Manila will be decongested. People from the province will not think of leaving their province anymore and those who are already in Metro Manila and living in squatter colonies might think of going back home. We should spread the sunshine. The government should seriously consider developing the province. Metro Manila is not the Philippines, and the Philippines is not Metro Manila. Other provinces have great potentials to be developed as well. This may look like a long shot to me but probably might work.
@sadsad75 (96)
• Philippines
10 Aug 10
Yeah you are right, many of them are expecting to get rich in a city. They end up living in a squatter's area. Also, they have so many kids. How did they end up like that? They know that they haven't much money to spend for their kid's but still, they keep on having a baby. And sometimes they use their own child to beg for money or food on the streets. The real problem is as time goes by, squatter's area are getting bigger.