Does Christmas lose its significance in the computer age?

United States
August 8, 2010 6:17pm CST
Does Christmas loes its signifigance in the computer age? Years before when people raed by the campfire to entertain themselves and listened to the radio it held greater signifigance however today in the technology age things are alot more busy. People have a harder time slowing down and it makes the stress greater. People make all kinds of promises and other things that they often cant fulfill. The incidents of alcolholism and drug abuse rise. There are more treatment into clinics at that time then any other. Christmas as always is what you make if you keep it in perspective and stay grounded in rwality but if you let your emotions and desires get awat from you it could hurt you.
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8 Aug 10
I wouldn't think so. If anything, it is one's own fault for losing the significance of Christmas, plus different people have different ideas of what makes christmas so significant.