how to react and talk to ur girlfriend in ur first date ?? HELP !!

August 9, 2010 3:55am CST
well .. guys and girls.. here's a thing i wanted to knwo the answer for very long and its killing me.. what shd we do ...on a first date.. question to ask.. place to visit.. and type of food.. to eat.. can i hold a candle light dinner at the very fast tiem.. pub or a restaurant ?? im confused.. please guide me.. lookin forward to hear from all of ya .. adius :)
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@voldrox (7203)
• India
11 Aug 10
Hello my friend my reneezoso, How are you doing?? I hope everything is going just fine... Why are you asking about a date? Are you going on one soon? I think chances are low... WHy?! YOu never said that to me? WelL weLL i have never been to a date LOL and i see no point why you are trying to get to know more about dating...! Shall i say something is going on and you don't want to tell our other friends?? I guess we should have this as a question on our weekend event!! Be ready renee my zoso, you are going to face some troublesome questions! BwahahahAHA!!!
@voldrox (7203)
• India
13 Aug 10
Oh, a best response to me for such a response.
@thedaddym (1737)
• United States
26 Jan 11
Well it depends on the kind of impression you are trying to make on the girl. Going to too romantic of a place on the first date might make a girl a bit uncomfortable, better to take her someplace nice but casual. I would not do the whole candle light thing on the first date. Get to know her a bit better first and then if you really like each other then shoot for the super romantic. As for what to talk about just ask getting to know you type questions. Like what she does for a living, her hobbies, movies are always good to talk about and even TV shows especially if you find one you both enjoy. Best of luck to you.
• Portugal
12 Aug 10
in a first date just take her to a sweet place to you^^ share with her a place you like to go to that relax you or makes you happy^^ she will see she is important to you^^ also why dont you try to sing for her a cute song?^^ she will like it^^ anyway anything you do as long as it shows you love her everything is good^^ wish you have a great date^^
@Iequate2 (280)
• United States
9 Aug 10
Hello reneezoso, you did not give too much information about you age ect. Nonetheless, hopefully, you have communicated with your date in some way before the date. You should know what type of food she likes. I think that a nice dinner for two would be nice. If you wanted it to be a romantic date. Select a nice Italian resturant. The main thing is to: ** Make resevations ** Be prompt ** Dress appropriately ** Make certain that your car is clean. ** Do not talk about me, me, me. ** Do not forget your manners. ** Do not talk about old girl friends. ** Do not have your cell phone on the table. ** Make certain your credit or debit card is up-to-date. LoL, Now, just be yourself and relax. Enjoy. :)