Desperate time; Action or Patience?

Desperate - Desperate time;Action or Patience?
August 9, 2010 4:11am CST
Ever heard of "Desperate time need Desperate Measures"? Within some situations, with limited time, reasoning and considerations of taking action with possibilities of results are not applicable, and somehow unthinkable desperate measures execute to run away or solving the situation which some may resulting sacrifice and maybe unexpected gain. But always what we heard nowadays, these desperate time solved through unthinkable reaction resulting more negative effect upon those who execute their solution of certain matters. If you are in desperate of time to react and solve matters which in the matters of life and death, would you consider unthinkable options or going to be patience and think thoroughly even though time not on your side? Let me give an example of scenario to help you on the response; You are among 40 people, held as hostage in one of the National Bank in a most busiest city by a group of well organized high profile criminals which need special task force to arrive and rescue you. But due to difficulties to access the building, the special task have to wait and secure all the highly sophisticated traps been set around the building and main path going into the building by the criminals who held you and the others as hostage. And to make things difficult and desperate for the special task to rescue you and the others, the criminals injected you and the others with bio-chemical substance which will result of death within 48 hours. Desperate time and thought of survival and free from being a hostage; will unthinkable reactions solved the situation while waiting for rescuer to secure their path into the building or will you wait and put your faith on the expertise of the special task to able to rescue you and the other hostages within less than 48 hours? So relate to the discussion topic and questions in this discussion. Will desperation result you to act something unthinkable or will your faith put your patience and trust to get through in desperate time?
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