miami heat

@romel_ece (1290)
August 9, 2010 8:28am CST
I am so happy the way things are happening right now for the Miami Heat.I do believe that the team will break NBA records for the most number of wins in a season and also with the most number of winning streaks.Ans eventually they will be the NBA Champion by June next year.
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@mefadon3 (298)
• United States
27 Aug 10
This is really bad for the NBA.. good for Miami though.. Lebron is one of the most hated players in sports right now and that is understandable. Lebron is not a competitor and sold his "kingship" to win a ring.. They won't shatter any NBA records with wins this year... They will lose at least 15 games. This was bad for NBA because now everybody will want to form super teams. That is only good for video games.
@liuyh0619 (108)
• China
26 Aug 10
IT's by far the best combination of a team that the NBA has seen in a long time. If they stay healty and not care too much about shattering record of both consecutive wins and most wins in a regular season, they will make strong push into the playoffs and have much opportunity to shot the champion.
• China
14 Aug 10
I don't agree with you. superstars are surely important for a team to win games.but it is not the vital factor .The coach,teammates ,strategy are also important .you must remember Lakers'F4 .in my mind ,they were much stronger than the new big 3.Even though F4 were much stronger than any other group in NBA, they were defeated by bad boys in the end.according to this example ,we can conclude that superstars is not the unique key to win games.there is no denying that Miami's big 3 is really something .but they lack strong teammtes to help them out .on the top of that,the big 3 are too young to fight against the veterans ,such as Spur and Lakers ,in playoffs.all in all ,Miami is definitely a strong team ,but not strong enough to win the championship title .
@TexLadyPj (1329)
• United States
10 Aug 10
Herro romel_ece I am on the other side. Although Miami has a lot of excellent players, Labron, on down...They have to learn the play book and how to play together as a team. I think they will take the championship next year. I also have concerns about so many excellent players on one team. How will the coach give each of them the time they think they deserve? Cleveland, of course, will have a tough time. There are other teams that are going to give them a run for their money. Steve Nash, Manu G, Tony Parker and team, Lakers, etc. Go Spurs Go Prosperous mylotting
• Philippines
9 Aug 10
I also think so. I bet they'll be champion this season. Garnett and the celtics can't do it anymore and that's sad and this season, a younger big three will step up to take down the black mamba.