Precious moments!

August 9, 2010 8:33am CST
Life has many surprises to offer us and teaches us many lessons. I am sure many of you agree with me on this. In here i would like to share some of the most memorable moments of my life. When i was in my mother's arms knowing that nothing could ever harm me. I knew she would be there for me and always be with me. When i first ate chocolate. My parents told me that i had cried the whole day and ate nothing more except chocolates for a couple of days. When i first got my toy. I still have that with me right now and i still remember it and play with it when i am free. When i first saw a cartoon then i knew what would tempt me and how could my parents tempt me. When i got my first beating from my mom for being hard on my little brother. I didn't talk to mom but when i looked into her eyes then everything just flew by. When i heard my first song sung by my teacher in class and found its joy.. When i first met my friend little did i know that he would be my best friends forever. When i first heard my song that changed my life and got stuck in my heart forever... When i walked down an empty road with my shadow as my company. When me and my best mate were talking and having fun i just wished my life would never end.... These are some of the things i have shared with you... I would need a book if i had to write everything down... Will you share yours? Cheers!
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• Philippines
9 Aug 10
Those really are the most precious moments of one's life. There are many memories that I treasure, they are both happy and sad. Those memories that made me a better person.
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